Join Ian “Crazed” and Nate “Divine” while they drink beer and discuss gaming, nerd culture, movies, current events, sports…… come to think about it just about whatever they want. You can also find and download this podcast from Podbean, iTunes, Spotify,  and Google Play Music.

Episode 1 – “The Beginning”

Episode 2 – “Poop baby”

Episode 3 – “Stoned Alone”

Episode 4 – “Crazed Penalized”

Episode 5 – “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”

Episode 6 – “Sex robots & video games”

Episode 7 – “Games, Games, and More Games”

Episode 8 – “Assassins Creed Odyssey”

Episode 9 – “Cavemen Jerk off??”

Episode 10 – “Double Digits”

Episode 11 – “Technology Sucks a Load of Weeniers”

Episode 12 – “Christmas Special”

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