Crazed Hub Podcast Episode 6 – “Sex Robots & Video Games”

Join Ian “Crazed” and Nate “Divine” while they drink beer and discuss gaming, nerd culture, movies, current events, sports…… come to think about it just about whatever they want. You can also find and download this podcast on Podbean, iTunes, & Google Play.

On this Episode: Ace Combat 7, Final Fantasy, apple picking, bird shit, Telltale layoffs, Assassins Creed, million dollar home page, bowsette, sex doll brothel, Red Dead Redemption, American Vandal season 2, Maniac, space rovers

Beer of The Week: Banded Brewing Oktoberfest


Link Dump:

Ace Combat 7 release

Telltale layoffs

Million dollar home page


Sex doll brothel in Houston

Red Dead Redemption download size

Red dead Redemption horse Graphics 

Japanese space rover

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