Book Review: Off To Be The Wizard


Book: “Off To Be The Wizard”

Author: Scott Meyer

Written: 2013

Are we all just an algorithm in somebody’s elaborate game? Scott Meyers book takes a silly look at that exact reality and runs with it.

Off To Be The Wizard tells the story of Martin Banks, a middle-aged bachelor living out  the a-typical boring life of a middle aged nerd. That is until he discovers a file hidden away inside the dusty corners of the internet. Banks soon learns that changing code within this file changes the world around him. He starts out small changing his height by a couple of inches but soon resorts to trying his hand at teleportation. He does this by changing his coordinates in the file. From there it was only matter of time before Martin realized he could change the amount of money in his bank with only a couple presses of the keyboard. Unfortunately for Martin, the FBI takes notice of individuals seemingly making money out of thin air. Martin is forced to attempt time travel in order to avoid a life in prison. After some contemplation Martin decides to travel back to Medieval England where people believed in Magic. He was hoping that he would be able to pass himself off as wizard, and with that the story of Martin Banks attempting to become a wizard begins.

One of the better parts of Meyer’s book was the characters. Throughout the reading you are introduced to a number of different individuals. Meyer’s does a great job of providing each of them with unique and relatable personalities. This is critical with any good book in order to engross the reader into the story.

The plot is nothing to shout home about. It is a simple story about an alternate reality and the character found within it. That said, this book is not trying to be the next Pulitzer prize winner so the simplicity of the plot is what it is, not every book needs to be complex.

There are not many failures in my eyes with this book. I have only one small complaint which was the author attempts at subtle humor. There were times throughout where the author tried to created humorous dialogue between characters and it was more corny than funny.

Overall, Off to Be The Wizard is a good book for what it is. If you prefer reading complex, mind bending literature then maybe this book is not for you but if you are looking for an easy read for that next vacation that would definitely suggest picking this up.

Overall score:

3.25 Wizards Staffs out of 5

A real nerd will known what staff this is but for those of you that suck nuts its Sarumans staff from The Lord of The Rings.
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